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I Tried Instafamous Beauty Products: Maycreate Lash Lifting Kit

Maycreate Lash Lift

If you follow Sans Pareil (and let’s hope you do) you’ll know that I love Lash Lifting so much more than Lash Extensions. Even though I love makeup, I’m pretty damn average and lazy at it (who the hell has time to ‘bake’?! I literally do my the majority of mine on the tube because I’m running late). So when it comes to getting treatments that will shorten my daily routine – I’m all about it.

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Let’s not get it twisted, nothing beats a well-done set of lash extensions. You can wear nothing else on your face and still look effortlessly well groomed. The only thing for me, is that I hate having things in my eyes and and I will subconsciously pick them out. Plus they can feel heavy, and god have mercy on your soul, if you get one of these super lashes in your eye. This is why I love a good LV lift. It’s basically a perm for your lashes, and I’ve had some amazing results in the past. This time, seeing as I was suck at home during what felt like an endless lockdown, I ordered one of those LV Lash Lift sets online, that promise professional looking lashes in the comfort of home, and here is how that went.


Professional looking lashes done by you, from the comfort of home.

Cost: GBP 17.01+ GBP 11.32 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to United Kingdom.


Firstly, it took about 2 months to arrive. This might have been because of Covid slowing things down, but it still took so long I thought it wasn’t coming.

It works, but is quite hard to use, it will take a few times. Also the lash glue that comes with the set is terrible so you’ll need to buy a better quality one. The results aren’t amazing, but if you are sitting around at home, waiting for your favourite lash bar to open – it will do the job.





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