Hello and welcome.

If you’re reading this, it’s because we at Sans Pareil have decided that YOU are a brand we want to be associated with.

Congratulations! You are among a select few.

Without yabbering on, I will cut to the chase. Advertising is evolving. Brands are evolving. How we consume advertising is most certainly evolving. It’s no longer about shoving boring advertising material down consumers throats, and hoping something will stick. it’s about creating a dialogue, treating them like they are intelligent, and of course, having a great product doesn’t hurt.

We’ve reached out to you, because you’ve got the great product, now we want to create the conversation.

The Idea;

is that four brands, who align with the Sans Pareil ethos, will have their own feature box on the left-hand side of the front page. The front page is static, so whenever a new person stumbles upon the website, the front page is what they will see.

each box is clickable and will go directly to the brand’s website.

Each brand will get there own article on Sans Pareil, introducing them, why we love them and link out to their website and platforms.

Below is an example of how the new face of Sans Pareil – check it out!

If you’re still reading this, then we have peaked your interest, great! here are the finer details:

What You Get:

– 1-month contract (however we suggest 3 minimum to see results)
– $25 Per week – payment in advance of that week
– First 2 weeks upfront
– There is no exclusivity, so you don’t have to simply advertise with Sans Pareil, but we hold the copyright for content created by Sans Pareil.

Benefits Of Advertising With Sans Pareil Over Other Options:

Let’s break it down.

Sans Pareil can receive around 20,000 views on the website per month alone (See media kit here) The cost you at paying per 1000 impressions is $4. That is ridiculously cost effective when you compare that to the cost of advertising in a magazine with a similar readership.

So go on, get in touch and give it a go!

What we need from you: 

A square shaped image, with the logo and whatever it is you’re advertising – 500-1000 pixels.

Vector images are welcome.

A link to attach to the advert- results show that a landing page is more efficient than a general front page.

If you want to use a gif that’s fine – but if we have to make it for you, this will cost extra.



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