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Lookbook – Couturiosity Goes Virtual – #ComputerCouture

British designer Billy Harrison of future thinking label Couturiosity (a combination of curiosity and couture) tells us in his own words how his label is moving forward in these uncertain times, the meaning of “Computer Couture”, and the new collection – Indigo Child Right now the world is going through challenging times that are reshaping …

Beauty, Quarantine Days

Why I’m Keeping My Lockdown Skincare Routine By Clare Jennings

By Clare Jennings aka @msdoingitall Now that we are in Level 2, I don’t know about you all, but I’m feeling a whole lot of different emotions, that don’t seem to make much sense. On the one hand, I’m desperate to see my parents, and as we have the official nod, I’ll be getting in …

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