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How to Look like you’re wearing expensive labels on the cheap

It’s no hidden fact that many fashionestias spend ALOT of money on their clothes. And of course, Fashion Week is the time that all the fashion folk put on their very best outfits and parade them for the world to see – and of course most of these clothes cost more than a week’s wage.  …

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Dolphin Street, Queensland – How to wear a Maxi Dress

I was lucky enough to spend just over a week in Queensland. Being the middle of summer, it was freaken’ HOT. I did however, in-between melting, manage to shop. And we all know that I love to shop. I’m a big fan on Maxi dresses this season so below I have teamed it with one …

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Mid Summer Wish List – Accessories

Seeing as it’s the season of barely any clothes, I thought it would be a good idea to do an accessories only Wishlist! I have also made the list up of only New Zealand designers, so make sure to check out the online websites! 1. This pair of Commoners Slides  2. This Deadly Ponies Bag  …

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