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10 Days of Fashion: Trelise Cooper

Heart of The City is currently running 10 Days Of Fashion which is centering around bringing more interest and people out to Auckland CBD’s fashion district, namely, Britomart. The cool thing about it, is that this fashion event is aimed directly at the consumer, so not only are all of the Runways read-to-wear but there …

2014, New Zealand Fashion Week, NZFW, Trelise Cooper

New Zealand Fashion Week -day 2 – Trelise Cooper

New Zealand Fashion week is here yet again, and like most semi-related-to-the-industry New Zealander’s, I too, have been scrambling down to the viaduct event centre this week to try and get as much in as possible.  So without due, here is what’s been the go so far.   TRELISE COOPER Yesterday was the first real …

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