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fashion New Zealand Fashion Week NZFW

New Zealand Fashion Week: 4 Things To Take Away From Day Two

The pant-suit. That’s right, it’s time to bust out your best Melanie Griffith Working Girl  (maybe minus the the super shoulder pads) and get your 80s boss happenin’. 2. Block Colours – They were everywhere, ESPECIALLY at the gorgeous HEJ HEJ show. 3.  Norm-core. I have to admit I never expected norm-core to last this long. …

fashion New Zealand Fashion Week NZFW

New Zealand Fashion Week Up & Comer Watch: Courtney Pellow

It has been the second year in row that we’ve been beyond impressed with designer Courtney Pellow. Again, as part of K Rd Presents; the young designer is bang-on-the-mark when it comes riding the line between trendy and sustainable! big things are in Pellow’s future and she is definitely one to watch. Check the image …

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