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Cool People Doing Cool Stuff: Liam Sharma of Modern Manners

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did ya miss me? Unfortunately I have still been working on my other 16 jobs (not really 16, maybe like four, but still, FOUR). A major New Years’ resolution for me was to cut back on all of the different things I do and narrow it down a bit.I did get to …

2015, beauty, hair, happy new year, new year's eve, NYE, party, style, what to wear

New Year’s Eve hair style guide

As promised in my last post, for my VERY last post of 2015, it’s all about ‘dat New Year’s Eve hair style (of course). So…… what cha’ gonna wear?! That’s the question that millions of gal pals (and some dudes) will be asking each other. Myself included. I thought it might be a good idea …

#ourshout, Cool people doing cool stuff, Little Local, Newmarket, shop local

Cool people doing cool stuff: Mark Knoff-Thomas from the Newmarket Business Association

I sat down with Mark Knoff-Thomas from Newmarket Business Association to find out for you lucky readers,  exactly what was happening within Newmarket in the near future and new year. The cool thing about Newmarket is that it’s not only the shopping capital of New Zealand – but it has managed to stay a strong …

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