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2014 Karen walker Opp Shop Thrifting vintage

I buy thrift shop clothes – and why you should too!

Thrifting has become rather trendy over the last 5 years or so. Most young people at least PARTLY shop vintage, regardless of their personal wealth. Even major labels like Karen Walker have picked up on the revival of fashion form the later 80s early 90s. (Don’t even get me started on what I thought about the …

2014 Colin Dagmar & Rousset Douglas & Bec fashion Melbourne opening review

Dagmar & Rousset and Douglas & Bec opening‏ – by Colin J. Harte.

Over in Melbourne Collin managed to check out the opening of the very cool (and swish) looking  Dagmar & Rousset and Douglas & Bec.Below is his review of the opening. If you’re in Melbourne you should check it out. Oh là là… the opening of the new space for the clothing collection of Dagmar and …

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