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Mental Health

Rescue Me! – Five Great Reasons to Adopt not Shop. By Emma Raho

New Zealanders love their pets. We have the highest rates of pet ownership with a 2016 Companion Animals New Zealand Report revealing “New Zealand is a nation of animal lovers. With well over 4.6 million companion animals in New Zealand, they outnumber people. 64% of New Zealand households are home to at least one companion …

Moonlit Sanctuary on Sans Pareil

CooL People Doing Cool Stuff: Michael Johnson of Moonlit Sanctuary

We visited Melbourne’s award-winning Moonlit Sanctuary and sat down with owner and director Michael Johnson. As well as a mutual love of animals, we spoke about exactly why animal sanctuaries are so important to conservation. SP: What made you want to open the Moonlit Sanctuary and how long has it been open? M: Moonlit Sanctuary opened …

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