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Why Paul Stenson (the banning all bloggers from his hotel guy) Is An A*s

If you don’t already know, here’s a quick recap: UK-based social media influencer Elle Darby sent an email to Paul Stenson, owner of the Dublin hotel and café, The White Moose Café. Darby asked for 5 nights free accommodation in exchange for exposure to her 76,000 Instagram followers and 87,000 YouTube subscribers. The email contained …

Sans Pareil x blink lashs

A Little Help From Your Friends A Shout Out To ALL The Amazing Sponsors Who Got Me To ID - I Heart You

Being a blogger/running a website is hard. REAL HARD. My friend Belinda from NZ Girl once told me she’s proud to be a blogger – it pretty much means you can run an entire business by yourself. My friend Lucy from Monday Hustle, and I have OFTEN sat with large glasses of something alcoholic wondering …

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