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Jacob London fitness Model

How The Streak Challenge Will Revolutionise Your Work Out No, this has nothing to do with misbehaving at sporting events or drunken dares. Fitness expert Jacob London takes us through a technique that could not only save us time, but save our health too.

  As much as I want to move on to the next of our ‘3 C’s’ I can’t, without drilling home how important consistency is to your health and fitness journey. I am a preacher of a philosophy I’ve dubbed ‘Practical Fitness’. For years I have been using myself and some of my fitness colleagues …


Be Clear On Why You Want To Get Into Fitness To Get The Results You Want

This mantra is designed to help you manoeuvre yourself through the crowd of short-term gym goers, who flock to the gyms in the early part of January to wreak havoc as gym machines that then become ques and the sparse selection of dumbbells you actually want, become a luxury. Armed with their brand new gym …

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