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fashion, NZFW

Fashion Week 2017 – A Rookie’s Story By Emma Raho

So now that I’ve popped my Fashion Week cherry and unlocked another journalism achievement I’m going to write the thing I needed to read a week ago – A guide to Fashion Week by a newbie for other newbies. Get over your Impostor Syndrome. Arriving for the very first time is intimidating. Everyone breezes through …

fashion, NZFW

New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 – NZ Post Miromoda Showcase Words and Pictures by Emma Raho

The sun has set on Fashion Week 2017. We’ve seen all the shows, drunk all the energy drinks, eaten all the complimentary macaroons and stuffed all the free tampons in our bags for later. As we’ve been going flat tack all week, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to reflect on my very first …

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