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Rescue Me! – Five Great Reasons to Adopt not Shop. By Emma Raho

New Zealanders love their pets. We have the highest rates of pet ownership with a 2016 Companion Animals New Zealand Report revealing “New Zealand is a nation of animal lovers. With well over 4.6 million companion animals in New Zealand, they outnumber people. 64% of New Zealand households are home to at least one companion …

<span class="entry-title-primary">The Not So Great Debate</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">By Emma Raho</span>
Rant, Rants

The Not So Great Debate By Emma Raho

Of the many pointless and internet invented arguments swirling around us at the tail end of 2017, the kids vs pets debate is up there with the most ridiculous. This whole thing-that-shouldn’t-be-a-thing revolves around two equally shouty sides arguing passionately (online of course) over which is better: To have children or to not have children …

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