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Up Your Skincare Game in Quarantine By Clare Jennings

By Clare Jennings aka msdoingitall  – Guest Contributor I think it’s pretty fair to say that there doesn’t tend to be any sort of half way point between being a skincare junkie, and doing the bare minimum. You’re either all in, or you’re using cleanser and a moisturiser. There is rarely an in between. And then, there’s …

Opinions, Quarantine Days

Twenty Unpopular Opinions – Quarantine Edition Quarantine Days

Because it’s lockdown and we’re bored we’ve decide to compile a list of our top 10 most unpopular opinions for your viewing pleasure. What is an unpopular opinion? An unpopular opinion is the opposite to the the general status quo. It’s disliking something everyone else seems to rate, or liking something everyone else seems to …

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