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Guys. We Don’t Want Pictures of Your Dicks. By Emma Raho

Despite repeatedly explaining the reasons why a majority of women don’t want to see photographs of your genitalia, millions of us are still waking up to unwanted, blurry, awkwardly angled shots of what appears to be a naked mole rat. The women who actually enjoy this are by far in the minority to those that …


NZ Relationship Facts You’ve Always Wanted To Know

July is relationship month here at Sans Pareil so we decided to put together a few fun facts about relationships in New Zealand. Ever wondered how many marriages happen each year? We can tell you! According to the most recent stats from the year of 2017, there were 20,685 marriages and civil unions registered to …


How To Stay In Love Once You Have A Baby by Alice Brooking

Becoming first time parents is definitely a character building experience, I’ll tell you that much! Parenthood is a wild and wonderful journey with many twists and turns, ups and downs, a whole lot of laughing and many tears. Suddenly a tiny human becomes the centre of attention, everything is about the baby… everything! Are they …

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