Everything you didn’t know you need to know about stuff you didn’t know you cared about. We try it out, so you don’t have too. And now you know.

We Try It – Sonophoresis Infusion By Emma Raho

Having sensitive skin that is prone to reaction and redness if you so much look at it the wrong way ...
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We Try It: Jeffree Star MakeUp Tutorial Edition

We thought we would give this Jeffree Star tutorial a go - and boy did we suck at it! Check ...
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I tried Bee Yu For a Fortnight By Emma Raho

I have insanely sensitive skin, which would be fine by itself but coupled with mild but still noticeable rosacea, dry ...
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My First Eyebrow Tint and Shape… Ever! By Emma Raho

I was raised by an extremely frugal and capable family. Their philosophy was if we can grow it, make it, ...
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We Try It: Hair Treatment In A Street Salon In Hong Kong

Recently I was in Hong Kong and if you know HK you'll know that it's soooooooo "breathes* sooooo humid. Like, unbelievably ...
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lip injections

Everything You Need To Know About Lip injections Episode 1: We Try It

Lip injections. Thanks to celeb-u-taunts like Kylie Jenner, and their somewhat affordable prices, lip injections have become the latest must-have ...
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