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Killer Ombre for Under $25

Firstly I want to make it clear that I have absolutely no hairdressing skills whatsoever. This claim is well backed up by how my own curly mop looks on a daily basis. You’ll be pleased to know this look requires nothing more than two boxes of hair colour, two hair ties, an old towel and a pair of hands. If I can do it, you definitely can.

Step one – You’ll need a box of the lightest, whitest, blonde you can find. We used Nordic Blonde in shade L101. Brush and tie the hair into even, low, pig tails and drape the old towel underneath. Note: The higher the pig tails, the higher the colour will go up on the top layer and the lower it will sit on the bottom layers so keep that in mind.

Step two – Put the gloves on, mix the product, and apply the blonde colour to the pig tails taking care to evenly coat the hair. My model’s hair is extremely thick so I had to do a fair amount of massaging and squeezing to get it all covered.

Step three – Carefully wrap your pig tails in glad wrap and wait for the maximum time stated in the instructions. Note: If you have dark hair you will likely need to repeat this step to lift your hair enough. Leave a few days in-between applications to let your hair settle. A couple of conditioning treatments probably wouldn’t go amiss either.

Step four – Use a violet shampoo and/or conditioner to neutralise the yellow tone in the hair. Nordic Blonde comes with two sachets of violet hair treatment in the box which worked amazingly.

Step five – Repeat steps one to three with the colour you want your ombre to be. As my model is still in school and any non-natural looking colour needs to be removed before February, I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour Ultra Bright in Magnetic Purple. It claims to wash out in eight washes, however if it doesn’t it’s easy enough to bleach or cut it out. If you’re looking for a permanent check out the range of Fudge colours. Note: Light blue and silver are the hardest colours to achieve as any remaining yellow tones will turn it a weird green. Your hair must be pretty much white if you’re going to attempt either colour.

Step six – Leave your colour on for as long as you can to increase intensity. Rinse out, condition and you’re done.

We’d love to see your hair! Feel free to drop us a DM and let us know how you got on – we might even share it on our social!

“Life is too short not to have really exciting hair” – Jenna Marbles.

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