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Things We’re Lovin’ – ModiBodi Period Proof Underwear Reviewed by Emma Raho

Emma Raho reviews Modibodi Period Proof Underwear and Outerwear   It’s a pretty exciting time for feminine hygiene – There’s a sentence I never anticipated writing – We’re slowly but surely moving away from the environmentally unfriendly and expensive tampon or pad option and experimenting with other ways to stay clean and comfortable during our …


Tattoos Are Now A Fashion Accessory – And That’s OK By Emma Raho

By Emma Raho – Staff Writer   Since the days of sitting around in the school cafeteria discussing what tattoos we may or may not get when we turned 18 there has always been an underlying feeling that your chosen design should have a deeper meaning and there had to be a multitude of reasons …

Current Affairs

Let’s Not Pretend There Wasn’t Islamophobia In New Zealand Already By Latifa Daud

There is a young school student who often catches my bus. She is always smiling, joking with her friends, listening to hip-hop, and is just a general bundle of joy. She also happens to observe the hijab (wears a headscarf covering the hair for religious purposes usually). 10 days after the Christchurch Mosque Attack, we …

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