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Plastic fantastic

Being a style blogger I am familiar with being in front of the camera, however, I am no model, says Robecca, who wanted a darker look for this hair modeling shoot for Alan Wang of Servilles…

Robecca Leyden hair-modeled for Alan Wang at Servilles Ponsonby photographed by Jin Ng of Jin Ng Photography. Robecca tells us all about it…

I was lucky enough to be asked to hair model for the fantastic hairdresser Alan Wang at Servilles Ponsonby, and be photographed by the talented Jin Ng of Jin Ng Photography.

Being a style blogger I am familiar with being in front of the camera, however, I am no model. With that in mind, I wanted to steer away from a traditionally ‘pretty’ look and have something a little darker.

Quite a few years ago now, I had seen a campaign where the models where made to look like plastic mannequins. Their skin had this wonderfully placid silicone sheen to it. That image had stayed with me, so I decided to create a look that was inspired by it- with my own grunge twist.

We used a blue filter, giving my skin a ghostly sheen. When posing I took inspiration form my favourite New Zealand photographer Yvonne Todd and created looks that stared vacantly out past the viewer, openly exploiting the popularised convention of the sullen model staring wide eyed at nothing in particular.

Some of the clothes used were my own creation too. You can see more over on my Facebook page, Sanspareilclothing.

I also recommend checking out Jin’s other work at Jin-Ng-Photography. I would say he is one of Auckland’s fastest rising fashion photographers.

Words by Robecca Leyden

Art direction/styling/make up by Robecca Leyden

Photography Jin Ng

Hair Alan Wang

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