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Beyonce sans Pareil

Queen Bey and a fu*king Super Song by Ashley Hampstead-Smith

Over the last couple of years internationally there has been a more aggressive discussion surrounding race, sexuality, gender and diversity within the western world. The United States has featured prominently within this debate. This is due to the plethora of stories emerging that cast a less than flattering light on the country’s policy, with regards to these issues. Discourse …

M.I.A sans pareil robecca leyden

Sometimes you have to just put on loud rap – and handle it My top 10 songs to pick you up and make you handle it like a boss

I’ve had a bit of a rough time lately. Which isn’t uncommon news. Lots of people have. Maybe even you. So I created this list of rap (ish) songs that will make you feel better about life and motivate you to handle it. 1. L.E.S Artistes – Santigold  If I had to pick a life …

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