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5 Times Madonna was the Queen of Fashion

By Anne-Marie Jones

When it comes to women in pop music, Madonna is still going strong after 30 years as the chameleon of style, fashion and trends. Not only is her music memorable and timeless, but her outfits are absolutely iconic. 

Here are 5 of my personal favourites, that show off Madonna's impeccable taste and flair. 

Madonna, like a prayer outfit
Like a Prayer

One of Madonna's most iconic music video moments, the sensual, blasphemous, and completely controversial hit "Like A Prayer", from 1989, helped cement Madonna's role as a fashion icon. Dressed ahead of her time in a burgundy slip dress and rosary beads worn for fashion, this would later become a popular look in the 1990s. 


Jean-Paul Gaultier Cone Bra

"That Jean-Paul Gaultier Bra"

Also known as the cone bra, who could possibly forget the eye catching bra from Madonna's 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. She took off her (also Jean-Paul Gaultier designed) jacket onstage to reveal the bra underneath. This wasn't long after the 'Like A Prayer' controversy, and helped further cement Madonna's image as a fully fledged pop star and fashion icon. 


Material Girl music video outfit
Material Girl

Heavily inspired by Marilyn Monroe in her film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", Madonna's pink dress and gloves are classic, the perfect outfit for one of Madonna's best known songs. 

Madonna Frozen Outfit


Not one of Madonna's best known outfits, but a personal favourite of mine, a somewhat bohemian-gothic style, elegant, dramatic and memorable (for what I would otherwise consider quite a forgettable song). I get some late 90's Angelina Jolie vibes from it too. 


Breathless Mahoney, in Dick Tracy

Breathless Mahoney

From the movie 'Dick Tracy', Madonna played the film noir inspired femme fatale Breathless Mahoney. Her costumes were 1940's style, reflecting the elegance of that era. 


Which Madonna look is your favourite? Whatever she is doing, she always remains glamorous and inspirational!

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