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Since 2017 LDC (Lone Design Club) have been changing the way Londoners consume. Leading the rising tide against environmentally harmful fast fashion, all the brands they work with are independent, local labels, that are designed, made and sold in the UK. The Lone Design Club gives small, independent, female founded brands the empowerment and recognition they deserve. With a goal of not only enhancing their customers experience but revamping how we view retail by creating pop up stores for 1-2 weeks at time across London allowing customers a space to shop for ethically produced, independent, unique items of clothing. This is the sustainable future of retail.

Fuck Fast Fashion is an evening dedicated to the celebration of the slow fashion pioneers. We waste thousands on cheap, throw away pieces that we could be spending on something beautiful and well made. If there's any doubt as to where the ethical brands are hiding, FFF is going to let us know where they are, and how we can connect with them.

LDC are always doing amazing things – check out their website for events, pop-us etc and if you get a chance to head along to one of the many events they have coming up – I strongly recommend it!

You may remember this slightly controversial article we published a few years ago when the giant H&M came to New Zealand. While a lot of Auckland was pretty excited to finally be getting hugely successful chain store, we asked readers to remember the cost that comes with such fast fashion chain-stores. Often the quality is awful, the people making the clothes on the other end are poorly paid and often put in danger on a daily basis with bad working conditions. There is also the HUGE environmental impact when big brands are releasing 50 or so collections a year. It promotes excessive consumption – none of us NEED 50 new items a year, though we are tempted to shop excessively and crave the cheapest option. These are all things LDC work against, acting as a hub and platform for independent designers to showcase to an audience as well as educate the public. Their ethos is “You get what you pay for” so shop less, buy better quality when you do and be mindful. All things we 100% get behind here.

So on that note, go check them out online, and have a think about what you’re consuming. No one is saying you need to cut out chainstores as this can be difficult (we’re all guilty of having some chainstore stuff – lets be real) but think about if you really need it, try and support a local brand who supports ethically made and check out things like your local thrift shops and clothing swaps!

Jeweller and Gemologist Kathetine Alexandra Brunacci of KAB

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