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10 Ways To Be The Belle Of Your Prom

It’s a sure-thing that everyone is going to look spectacular at prom, so how do you make sure you stand out? How do you set yourself apart from all the other girls and ensure you don’t feel left out, boring, and dull? Check out our ideas below to make sure you truly are the Belle of the ball.

10 Tips for Standing Out at Your Prom

1.Wear something super flashy. Go to for great ideas.

2.Hit the dance floor and don’t stop twirling that dress you spent so much time picking out.

3. If you can’t dance, take dance lessons way in advance to make sure you can drop it like it’s hot.

4. Arrive in something super-memorable, like a school bus.

5. Make sure you glow by wearing a high-low dress to truly show off your gorgeous, glowing skin. High-low dresses are exceptionally good for showing off a sensational pair of heels or even a trendy pair of wrap-up gladiators. You’re definitely going to stand out on the dance floor among the more traditional gowns which have been around since the early beginnings of prom.

6. Ditch the comfortable and sensible heels and wear stilettos!

7. Keep things super elegant. Rather than choosing a traditional floor-length gown in a bright shade, pick an elegant colour like white or black. Most prom goers prefer to wear brightly coloured dresses these days, so picking something elegant and neutral will ensure you stand out for all the right reasons. What’s more, white and black dresses are so timeless that they can be worn again and again for other occasions and parties.

8. Make sure you sparkle by making a bold statement with your accessories. Plenty of prom girls opt for sparkling sequined dresses and then ditch the accessories or ensure they are understated. Instead, you could try the opposite and choose a simple, yet elegant gown, and then accessorise with long pearls, chunky necklaces, sparkling earrings, or even a tiara or other sparkly headpiece that will ensure you stand out from all the other prom-goers.

9. Get extra-classy for your prom. A lot of modern prom girls pick classic strapless or open back dresses for their big night. Ditch that idea and go for something different that you would find on this season’s red carpet. You could truly set yourself apart with an elegant, high neckline or even a long-sleeved dress that is simple, one shade, and beautifully accessorised.

10. Finally, instead of a figure-hugging gown or sexy cut-out dress, try on a floor-length, flowing ball gown and really live out your princess fairy tale. It’s the perfect occasion to play dress up and be a princess, even if it’s just for the night.

With these 10 tips, we’re pretty sure you will stand out at your special prom event. After all, who wants to blend in with the crowd on the one night you truly deserve to stand out and be noticed for the beauty queen you are!

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