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Cool People Doing Cool Stuff: Kamal Sunker from Infrequent Flyer on Kfm Radio

Hello. Hi. HI. I hope where ever you’re reading this from you’re having a happy day/night or in-between.  I’ve been pondering on the idea recently of the ‘little local’ which was largely inspired by attending this Bespoke Dresser event. It’s important to support local creatives, shops, events – anything that helps not only to build …

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Strange talk Interview by Robecca

A Wee while ago I interviewed the Aussie heavyweight electro-pop band Strange Talk. Below is the interview! Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years and have never heard of ‘Strange Talk’; i’ll tell you this:  they are rapidly becoming the new Melbourne/Australian/ International darlings of Synth Pop. Opening for such …

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This February I’m….

I’m in Melbourne for summer, it’s flippen hot (38degrees today!) so here is a list of what I’m digin’ on this summer…. If someone could please buy me the majority of this collection that’d be great. If you only one to by me one pice, then THIS W.I.A TOP. KAITHNXBAI.  THIS album. It’s just so …

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