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Six ways to minimise your beauty waste

At Sans Pareil we’re pretty passionate about both beauty and trying to save the world so we’ve come up with 6 quick n easy tips to get you started on more ethical consumption.

Switch to an electric razor:

Although disposable razors are convenient, once thrown out they are not actually disposed of. Instead they head straight to the landfill where they will spend years on end not decomposing. Electric razors will not only give a closer and smoother shave compared to a wet razor, they also have less chance of irritating your skin.

Replace makeup wipes, Q-Tips and cotton wool balls:

Washable reusable cotton rounds are a great replacement for removing makeup. You can even get crafty and cut up old flannels or muslin cloths for the same effect. Q-Tips are not good for the wax in your ears (no matter how satisfying it feels) and they quickly add to the amount of waste produced due to being used once. Instead, wash ears with hot water in the shower and use a towel to dry.  

Shampoo bars:

A quick google search will uncover so many great stores selling natural shampoo, soap and moisturiser bars that come with minimal, recyclable packaging and are so much better for your body. Even if you have temperamental hair or sensitive skin that isn’t always easy to manage, with a little bit of digging, you will find that there are natural products made for all kinds of hair and skin types.

Use all of a product before getting a new one:

Or switch to products that sell refills, foundation compacts are a great place to start. Do some research, some companies may actually want good quality glass jars sent back to them to be reused. Not only does this mean your waste is lessening, you can continue to use your fave foundation and not have a guilty conscious  conscience all the same. You’re welcome!


Coming from a certified hoarder this one is hard to admit, but we really do not need so much stuff, especially in our beauty routines. Take on the mindset “If i’m going to throw it away after a couple of uses, don’t buy it” or even find products that have multiple purpose. As hard as it may be, making small strides with this idea in the mind will have you on your way to owning less, using less and saving more in no time.

Bamboo toothbrushes:

This is probably one of the smallest and easiest changes you can make to reduce beauty waste. Switching to a Bamboo toothbrush means that once they have done their dash they can be easily recycled as both the bristles and bamboo handle naturally decompose.

It’s all about creating good habits. Making small changes will take time to get used to, but in the long run you are doing your bit to help out our girl mother nature. Encouraging others to do the same is a great motivator too! Challenge a friend to minimise their waste for a couple of weeks and notice the difference! You can either be apart of the problem or apart of the solution.

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